Council’s next steps towards net zero


Cherwell’s Executive will consider a report on further decarbonisation

Since 2008 emissions generated by the activities of Cherwell District Council have fallen by 51%.

Nearly half of the Council’s emissions come from their leisure centres, 35% from the vehicle fleet and 15% from their corporate buildings.    Staff travel emissions account for around 2% of the total.

Tonight, the Council’s Executive will consider a report on further changes the Council can make in their transition towards net zero.

The report says the Council is conscious that everyone needs to play their part in the transition towards the net zero goal.   But by Cherwell leading the way and seeking to achieve the target significantly ahead of the national 2050 timeline, they hope to inspire local people and businesses. 

In terms of the Council’s properties the aim is to move from any form of fossil fuel by electrifying the heating of the buildings using renewable electricity.

Cherwell operates around 90 vehicles.   Currently 90%of these are diesel powered.   Its hoped to move these to electric by 2030.

The decarbonisation approach for staff business travel prioritises avoiding travel by meeting online when possible.   For those that do have to leave the office, optimising routes and replacing travel in cars with walking and cycling are also suggested as options.

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