Young vandals warned to stop before getting a criminal record


Pulling down a curtain, sticking tape to pews and spilling the contents of the first aid kit are amongst recent problems

A warning has been issued to youngsters in Bloxham that if they continue to cause problems at the village church they may end up with a criminal record.

Over recent weeks damage has occurred at St Mary’s and it’s been linked to a couple of girls seen in the vicinity, sometimes accompanied by a boy.

They have been spotted making a mess in the church building and using the church’s wheelchair to race around the church.   The wheelchair was later found abandoned at the nearby Red Lion.

Other acts include pulling down a heavy velvet curtain across the church door and opening and emptying out first aid kits.   They have also opened sealed refreshment boxes, spilling out the contents and stuck hazard tape onto tables and pews.

The acts of vandalism usually happen after school or at a weekend.

The church says that whilst many of the things are more of an irritation, they have reported the problem to the Police.  They have also contacted the local schools asking for their help in identifying the individuals.

It’s hoped the youngsters will now stop causing the problems so they don’t end up with a criminal record.  The church is calling on parents to talk to their youngsters to try and avert any further damage.

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